Backyard Firepits for Backyard Fun

Many homeowners are creating outdoor living spaces that are as warm and comfortable as any room in the house. A backyard fire pit is the perfect addition to your deck, patio or just about any space outside. As with most home improvement supplies...



...there is a vast selection in a backyard fire pit.

An outdoor fireplace is a wonderful addition to any backyard.  However, most of us simply canít afford this luxury. Fortunately, there are many different options to adding some flame to your yard. There are a few things to consider before choosing a backyard fire pit for your space.

First and foremost, you really want to consider where the item will be placed. Are you adding this functional piece of equipment to a deck or patio? Or are you going to choose a spot in your yard for the backyard fire pit? One area will have different needs than the other.  Also.. Do you want a copper fire pit?  Metal firepits are are easy to maintain.  Think about it all first. 




Those who are adding the backyard fire pit to a deck or patio you will probably want to consider a backyard fire pit that is freestanding. There are many different styles ranging from mosaic tiles to stainless steel and wrought iron fire pits. Also consider firepit tables.  You will need to think about the firepit accessories as well.  You have a lot of choices and you are very likely to find something that suits the overall design of your home.

Backyard grilling is so much fun!

Back yard fire pits are great for Dutch OVENS!

Another option in the backyard fire pit design is one that is recessed into the ground. This type of fire pit usually requires a little do-it-yourself time. Some homeowners dig a hole and build the backyard fire pit in the ditch. This is a wonderful way to add this element to your landscape.

It is important to find a plan for your firepit design and it is crucial to follow the guidelines for building the backyard fire pit carefully. Adding a fence around the recessed structure is a good idea, especially if you have children that play around the area.  Fire pit safety should be foremost in your mind.  Firepit covers can really help in this.  Also keep in mind the placement of your backyard furniture. The outdoor fire pit is a fantastic element that blends well with most backyard landscape designs.

Have you thought about a putting green in your backyard?

Once you have determined where you will be putting your backyard fire pit you are one step closer to your goal. It seems as if there are more and more options in this warm and cozy addition to your outdoor living space and even your overall landscape design. Choosing from the many styles and designs may be a little time consuming but there is certainly a backyard fire pit that is ideal for your home.

You can find other fireplaces accessories online.  These fireplaces accessories include firepicks, firepit brooms, and firepit tables can be found at many vendor sites.  In firepit tables, I personally love the granite firepit patio table to go near my firepit.  Mine is a deep charcoal color.  Some people call it a patio hearth but I call it the stone-age table.

In your wood fire pit backyard fire, you need the best wood.  It is vital.  Dont use green wood.  Dry it first. 

Common firepit makers include Peterson outdoor, Patioflame, and  Campfyre gas fire pits, as well as others. 

Many people like a outdoor propane fireplace.  Outdoor gas fireplaces are great for those people who want easy and clean fires to outside by, without the hassles of chopping or hauling wood.  An outdoor gas fireplace can be a nice focal point to the whole backyard.  A wood burning firepit gives you an experience that can't be matched however.  The smell of the smoke is heavenly.


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